Your Stepsister's In Charge

Aften Opal, Penny Barber, Summer Col
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Before leaving the house to run some errands, Penny Barber has a word with her two stepdaughters, Aften Opal and Summer Col. She instructs Summer to obey Aften (who is Summer's older stepsister) while she's gone. Penny leaves, and Aften goes on a power trip, demanding that Summer do EVERYTHING she says in a clear exaggeration of Penny's instructions. Summer begrudgingly agrees. Aften orders Summer to dance in front of her, and then asks her to striptease. Summer obliges, and they both grow slightly aroused. Next, Aften has Summer grab and then suck on her boobs. Still hungry for more, Aften has Summer perform 69 with her. Getting another idea, Aften goes to get a strap-on from her room to fuck Summer with. Summer is overwhelmed but agrees to it, and Aften eagerly fucks Summer with the strap-on. But then Penny returns home, and catches Aften fucking Summer! Penny is disappointed that Aften let the power go to her head, so she teams up with Summer to teach Aften a lesson... through sex, of course!
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