You Did Great, Honey!

Natasha Nice, Eliza Eves
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Eliza Eves is on her cellphone organizing an event involving baked goods with a friend from school. Her stepmom, Natasha Nice, enters the bedroom to do some dusting and overhears the end of the conversation. After Eliza hangs up, Natasha asks her what's going on. Eliza explains that her school's history textbooks don't celebrate women's achievements enough, so she's organizing a bake sale to help the school raise money for new ones. Natasha is extremely impressed with Eliza's go-getter attitude and offers to help with the baking. Eliza is overjoyed and they share a big hug. A few weeks later, the bake sale has happened and was a roaring success. Eliza arrives home and excitedly shows the new textbook to Natasha, who is tremendously proud of her stepdaughter. The textbook showcase much more diversity and Natasha is certain that it will inspire many students- all thanks to Eliza's initiative. Natasha gushes over Eliza- at one point affectionately touching her and revealing that she has developed feelings for her stepdaughter. Natasha pulls away, embarrassed, but Eliza is quick to say that the attraction is mutual. They kiss and go on to have playful lesbian sex where Natasha will show Eliza just how proud of her she really is.
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