You're Under OUR Roof Now!

Laney Grey, Chloe Surreal, Mellanie Monroe
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Laney Grey and her stepsister, Chloe Surreal, are relaxing when their stepmother, Mellanie Monroe, approaches them. Mellanie says that since Laney and Chloe are both 18 now, it's time for the two of them to move out of the house. The teens are shocked, stating that the house belongs to Laney. Mellanie dismisses this, but the teens clarify that Laney legally inherited the house after her biological parent passed away. Mellanie seems unsure if they're telling the truth, but soon realizes they are. Laney smugly declares that things are going to change around here... from now on, Laney is in charge! Laney then adds that Chloe is in charge too, since she's the best stepsister ever. The teens mischievously imply that since Mellanie was so eager to have them move out, maybe Mellanie is the one who should go. Mellanie starts sucking up to the teens to get back on their good side. The teens are unimpressed, pointing out how cold Mellanie has been to them in the past. Mellanie sucks up to them even more, aware that she's on thin ice. The teens insist that Mellanie has to be nice to them from now on, which she agrees to. Feeling even more empowered, the teens start toying with Mellanie, deciding what she has to do to get back on their good side. After some back and forth, the teens decide that they would like to have sex with Mellanie! This is a surprise to Mellanie, but she agrees to a threesome... anything to go back to being a happy family!
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