Walk A Mile In Her Strap-On

Jennifer White, Scarlett Alexis
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A stepmom, Jennifer White, is shocked when she notices a strap-on in the background of one of her stepdaughter (Scarlett Alexis)'s selfies that she took on the last day of camp. When Scarlett arrives home, Jennifer confronts her about it, pulling a strap-on out of Scarlett's bag. Scarlett defends herself but is bemused when she realizes that Jennifer simply has no experience with strap-ons! Scarlett offers to let Jennifer try it on for herself, though Jennifer hesitates. After some coaxing, Jennifer's curiosity gets the best of her, and there is a steamy sequence of Scarlett helping Jennifer into the strap-on, causing sparks to fly. But why stop there? Now that Jennifer's all 'strapped in', Scarlett coyly suggests Jennifer take it out for a test drive... on HER.
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