Truth-Or-Dare Training

Silvia Saige, Sera Ryder
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Silvia Saige is relaxing in her room when her stepdaughter, Sera Ryder, asks to come in. Sera shly admits that she's nervous about a slumber party she's going to because this group of friends, more like friends of friends, are 'more mature' than she is. She's sure they're going to play games like Truth or Dare but she doesn't know what to expect since she's never played with them before. Silvia, who secretly lusts for Sera, decides to use this as an opportunity to seduce her. She asks Sera to give her an example of a Truth or Dare SHE'D give. Sera gives a VERY innocent example. Silvia finds her innocence adorable, asking if Sera would like some examples from her. Sera agrees. Silvia starts off with light but daring examples, including having Sera flash her boobs. Silvia greedily makes the examples escalate, including asking Sera to kiss her on the lips. Sera is flustered, but soon takes a breath and braces herself. After a couple of false starts, she kisses Silvia on the lips. Silvia kisses her back and, to her surprise, Sera holds the kiss for more than just a peck before finally drawing back. Sera is even more flustered, obviously excited and turned on. Silvia and Sera are about to take their Truth or Dare training session to the next level!
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