Too Much Of A Good Thing

Sera Ryder, Brooke Banner
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Brooke Banner is on her laptop in the living room when her stepdaughter Sera Ryder rushes through, obviously on her way out. She is dressed in skimpy clothes. Brooke stops Sera, insisting that she needs to talk to her. Sera is impatient but stops for a moment. Brooke delicately tells Sera that she's worried about her - she's been going out every night since she turned 18. Sera is dismissive. Insisting that Brooke has nothing to worry about, Sera hurries out. Left alone, Brooke seems more worried than ever, shaking her head. Brooke gets online to look up some parenting advice. After doing some research, she sees something suggesting that an effective way to curb a bad habit is to allow the person to overindulge in it. This gives Brooke an idea. The next day, Brooke goes to see Sera. Brooke immediately gets flirty and begins to come on to Sera. When Sera asks Brooke what brought this on so suddenly - especially after their conversation the other day - Brooke claims that she felt she was being too judgemental and wanted to make it up to Sera. Sera doesn't need any convincing and readily agrees. Brooke clearly has a plan...but will it work??
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