Time To Reconnect

Alyx Star, Queenie Sateen
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Queenie Sateen and her stepdaughter Alyx Star are nearly always glued to their phones, because Queenie is constantly replying to work messages, and Alyx likes looking at social media and messaging her friends. But when the internet connection goes out, they become frantic and try to fix it. However, it looks like it must be a problem with the network provider... in which case, who knows when the internet will be back? It could be HOURS! They also don't have data plans on their phones because why would they need them? They're always at home, after all. They quickly become restless, unsure what to do with themselves without the internet to occupy their minds. But after a while they start to talk more freely with each other, realizing it's been a while since they really did anything together, or even LOOKED at each other much. Queenie becomes impressed at what a beautiful woman Alyx has grown into, and Alyx starts to learn more about Queenie's interesting hobbies and skills. They talk for hours, rekindling their relationship... and realizing that there is a growing attraction between them. Who needs the internet when they have each other?
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