Time Of Need

Syren De Mer, Kimmy Kimm
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It's a mournful day at Syren De Mer and Kimmy Kimm's household... The anniversary of Syren's late husband's passing is fast approaching, who also happened to be Kimmy's biological parent. Needless to say, both Kimmy and Syren are feeling totally dejected and emotionally fragile at this time. They really loved him, and they miss him so much. Kimmy and Syren agree that they could probably BOTH use a bit of comfort right now, so they agree to spend the night together in Syren's bed. Hopefully, having someone they love close to them will help alleviate the feelings of loss and sorrow that they are currently experiencing. But as they struggle to relax throughout the night, they find themselves getting unexpectantly turned on by their close proximity. They're both feeling so alone... and they begin contemplating the idea of getting intimate together. After all, if there's ANYTHING they know about the one they lost, it's that he'd WANT Kimmy and Syren to take care of each other during their time of need... Even if that means sensual and erotic sex!
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