The Bra Fairy

Casey Calvert, Chloe Cherry, Ryan Keely
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Chloe Cherry wants to throw out an old bra that has become damaged. But her stepmother, Ryan Keely, advises her to leave it under her pillow instead, so the Bra Fairy can come. Chloe looks skeptical, but Ryan acts sincere, convincing her. Chloe holds the old bra over the garbage for a moment like she's going to throw it out, but then ends up keeping her hold on the bra and leaving the room with it, muttering to herself that she can't believe she's going through with this. Ryan giggles mischievously. Later that night, Chloe puts the old bra under her pillow before going to bed, even though she still has doubts that the Bra Fairy really exists. A bit later still, Chloe is resting in her bed. Someone's hand slides under Chloe's pillow to remove the old bra and replace it with a new bra. Chloe's eyes fly open as she becomes fully alert, and she scrambles over to the light and turns it on, wanting to see who's there. Chloe then sees that the other person in the room is a beautiful woman with wings wearing sexy lingerie, Casey Calvert. Chloe is shocked at the sight of this stranger, and asks Casey who the heck she is. Casey smiles warmly and replies that she's the Bra Fairy, of course. At first, Chloe is skeptical that Casey really is the Bra Fairy. But once Chloe becomes convinced that Casey is telling the truth, she lets it slip out that she thinks Casey is very attractive. Chloe promptly covers her mouth in embarrassment, but Casey gives a warm, reassuring laugh, telling Chloe that she's pretty cute herself. There is a charged moment as the ladies come together, kissing and caressing each other's bodies. But it doesn't take long for Chloe's moans of pleasure to cause Ryan to come into the room. Ryan is also shocked to discover that the Bra Fairy is real, because she was just kidding before. Casey gets one look at Ryan and invites her to join them. It's time for the Bra Fairy to show the ladies what she can REALLY do!!
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