Sync Or Swim

Nicole Doshi, Slimthick Vic
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Slimthick Vic and her stepdaughter Nicole Doshi are wearing nice bikinis, because they're supposed to practice a synchronized swimming routine for an upcoming contest. Vic thought that entering the contest would be a nice way to show her husband (Nicole's parent) that she and Nicole can get along. But Nicole complains that she doesn't want to do these practice sessions anymore - the water in the pool is too cold, and Vic is difficult to work with! Vic splashes a bit of water onto Nicole in an attempt to get her to loosen up, but it doesn't improve Nicole's mood at all. Vic spreads out towels so they can sit down and talk instead, since that's another way they can spend time together. Nicole calms down, and Vic says she understands it can be difficult when a parent remarries. Nicole admits that she actually does like Vic and wants this to work out, but maybe they can find a different kind of quality time instead of synchronized swimming. As they continue talking, Nicole says that she thinks Vic looks hot in her swimsuit, and Vic says that Nicole looks great in her bikini as well. They both get increasingly turned on, which gives them an idea of a very different activity they can enjoy together!
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