Stop Fucking All Our Stepmoms!

Serene Siren, Chloe Surreal, Demi Hawks
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Demi Hawks is hanging out with her stepmom, Serene Siren, and talking about how a friend of hers, Chloe Surreal, is coming over soon. It's revealed that Chloe is apparently the victim of nasty rumors at school that claim she's been having sex with people's parents! But Demi is convinced Chloe wouldn't do that and stands by her, which makes Serene so proud but also secretly intrigued... Later, after introducing Chloe for the first time to Serene, there are hints that maybe the rumors aren't totally baseless... In fact, when Demi eventually steps out for a moment, she returns to find Chloe and Serene having sex, confirming that the rumors are true. But in a surprise twist, Demi ultimately decides to join in on the fun!
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