Spank Me, I've Been SO Bad!

Chloe Surreal, Sophia Locke
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Sophia Locke is doing laundry when she- YET AGAIN- hears loud music blasting out of her stepdaughter Chloe Surreal's bedroom. She's told Chloe to keep her music down time and time again, and simply can't take it anymore. Her stepdaughter needs a little discipline... and Sophia knows exactly what kind of punishment is appropriate for this sort of situation: SPANKING. Sophia marches up to Chloe's room and opens the door. She's a bit stunned, however, when she witnesses Chloe dancing like there's no tomorrow in nothing but her panties and t-shirt. Well, party time's over... and this stepmom has had ENOUGH. She gets Chloe to shut off the music and lays her across her knee for a good old-fashioned butt-smack. But as Sophia spanks her stepdaughter, she slowly starts to realize that Chloe actually seems to LIKE it. Waitasec... this is PUNISHMENT. She's not supposed to actually ENJOY this! But after some playful back and forth, Sophia realizes that maybe Chloe has the right idea... There's nothing to say they can't have a little FUN while Sophia instills some discipline, and if Chloe likes getting spanked, then there's more where THAT came from!
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