Someone Who Truly Appreciates Her

Dee Williams, Chanel Camryn
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Chanel Camryn is sitting at the table and asks her stepmom, Dee Williams, for some help with homework. As Dee leans in closer to help, Chanel notices that Dee is wearing a new perfume. Dee is flattered and lets it slip that her husband has been paying less attention to her lately, so she's trying a new perfume to get his attention. Chanel feels for her, but Dee quickly changes the subject, focusing back on the homework. But the trend continues over the next few days of Dee trying various things to get her husband interested again and Chanel feeling for her. Chanel just doesn't understand what's going on in his mind to deny a woman as wonderful as Dee... Finally, Chanel goes to talk to Dee but is surprised to find her in sexy lingerie. Chanel stares for a moment, growing warm, but then makes her presence known. Dee is a bit flustered and admits that her husband STILL isn't paying much attention to her, which is why she's trying lingerie now. That's when Chanel declares that if he doesn't appreciate Dee, then he doesn't DESERVE her. Chanel sincerely says the changes Dee has been making look great, but she ALWAYS looks beautiful and doesn't NEED to change. Dee is stunned as she realizes that Chanel appreciates her more than her husband ever has, which leads to a newfound attraction. Now Chanel has the chance to give Dee ALL the attention she deserves and MORE.
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