Sizzling Nudist

Kendra James, Leana Lovings
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Things have been slightly different at Leana Lovings' house ever since her stepmom Kendra James went to that nudist retreat... You see, Kendra's really taken what she learned to heart and has decided to become a full-fledged nudist! Needless to say, it's driving Leana up the walls... After all, there's nothing more awkward than walking into the kitchen to see one's naked stepmom sweeping the floor! Leana confronts Kendra about it, but Kendra urges Leana to try and get used to it. From Kendra's point of view, being a nudist is just so freeing! It's given her a chance to shed her old skin and finally feel totally free to be whoever she wants. Leana, however, still thinks it's pretty weird... especially since Kendra is her stepmom. Things take a sizzling turn, however, when Kendra challenges Leana to try nudism for herself. After all, don't knock it until you try it, right? Leana accepts, and Kendra helps take off her top and then her bottoms. Leana smiles, clearly starting to feel free and liberated herself. Maybe nudism isn't so bad, after all! But what these two step-family members did NOT expect... was how aroused they'd get at being nude TOGETHER.
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