Sitting On A Secret

Penny Barber, Chloe Surreal
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Penny Barber tells her stepdaughter, Chloe Surreal, that she's going out with some friends. As soon as Penny leaves, Chloe eagerly grabs a dildo she had stashed away to pleasure herself now that she has some alone time. The dildo has a suction cup base, so Chloe sticks the dildo to the floor and rides it. But after a few minutes of pleasuring herself, Penny unexpectedly returns home! Chloe doesn't have enough time to cover her tracks, so she remains kneeling on the floor with the dildo inside her, and quickly smooths out her dress to hide her lower half. Penny says it turns out that she was supposed to meet with her friends on a DIFFERENT day... but that's okay, because now she can enjoy some quality time with Chloe. Looking puzzled, Penny then asks Chloe why she's kneeling on the floor. Trying to look innocent, Chloe claims that she's about to do some yoga, and Penny believes her. Penny then asks Chloe to hand her a nearby dirty cup, so Penny can go put it into the dishwasher. Chloe doesn't want to stand up and reveal the dildo, so she pretends that she can't get up because she has a muscle spasm. Penny approaches Chloe and gives her a back massage to help, unknowingly causing Chloe to bounce on the dildo. Chloe squirms with pleasure and gets Penny to stop. Penny thinks her back massage has done the trick. She tries to lift Chloe to her feet, which causes Chloe to pop off the dildo! Penny is shocked at the sight of the dildo on the floor, and Chloe admits that she rarely gets time to herself. They briefly talk about using toys, causing Penny to look flustered, and Chloe suggests that Penny try it sometime. Penny seems open to the idea, but hesitant. Chloe comes onto Penny, convincing her to have sex so that they BOTH can get the relief they need!
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