Please And Spank You

Serene Siren, Kylie Rocket
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Kylie Rocket tries to talk to her stepmom, Serene Siren, but is too embarrassed. After Serene leaves, it's revealed that Kylie has feelings for Serene... Not just that, but she wishes that Serene would spank her, though she thinks there's NO WAY Serene would agree to something like THAT. That's when Kylie decides to get in trouble, so that Serene will hopefully spank her as punishment. She eyes Serene's work laptop nearby and purposefully deletes a document. But when Serene returns, instead of getting angry, she's understanding, saying she shouldn't have left her laptop laying around. Kylie is touched by Serene's sweetness, but decides that she'll have to try something ELSE to get in trouble. The next day, Kylie approaches Serene with a ruined sweater, claiming that she forgot that Serene's sweater was too delicate to put in the dryer. But Serene forgives her again, saying she was getting tired of that sweater, anyway. Now they can go shopping together! Another day, Kylie claims that she lost one of Serene's necklaces. However, it turns out the necklace had sentimental value, and Serene is devastated. Kylie is horrified and ashamed, realizing she took things too far in her attempts to get what she wanted. She quickly leaves, then returns with the necklace, shamefully admitting that she didn't lose it. She was just trying to get into trouble so that she could be spanked... Serene is confused as Kylie continues on, explaining that she daydreams about being spanked by her. But after the stunts she's pulled, she doesn't deserve to get what she wants. To her shock and surprise, Serene thanks her for coming clean about it and admits that she's willing to give her a spanking, even if it might be a bit weird for her. Kylie excitedly drapes herself over Serene's lap and Serene starts spanking her cute butt. Kylie enjoys it SO MUCH that Serene starts to understand the appeal of it, which leads to a charged moment between them... and MORE!
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