Out Doing God-Knows-What!

Penelope Kay, Katie Monroe
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Katie Monroe confronts her stepdaughter Penelope Kayabout staying out late all the time and her grades slipping as a result of this. Penelope claims that she's not out partying, but it's clear that she's hiding something. A few days later, Katie talks with a friend on the phone about how Penelope is doing even WORSE at school than she thought, and that she has no idea what to do about it. But then Penelope arrives home wearing a waitress uniform, and finally admits the truth: she has secretly been working as a waitress to help Katie pay for Penelope's upcoming college. Katie is touched, but thinks that Penelope should focus on improving her grades instead. Penelope is relieved to quit her job, and strips out of her uniform right then and there. She still wants to help Katie somehow, though, and since she's already in her bra and panties, she offers Katie sex! After some kissing and caressing, Katie strips down to her underwear too, and they admire each other's breasts. Then they remove their underwear so they can REALLY have fun with each other's breasts, and their yummy pussies too!
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