Not As Good As The Original

Gizelle Blanco, Shay Sights
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Shay Sights and her stepdaughter Gizelle Blanco are SUPER excited today since they're going to be watching the sequel to one of their all-time FAVORITE movies. But when they watch the film, they're bummed to discover that it's not good at all. In fact, it's HORRIBLE. The original was MUCH better- this they can agree on. Shay and Gizelle start discussing what made the sequel so much worse than the original. Was it the story? The acting? The pacing? They realize that it's pretty hard to choose since ALL of it was equally bad in their opinion. How could the production company drop the ball so hard on such a beloved franchise? It's not fair to the fans! Shay and Gizelle take a breath and realized that they're getting QUITE worked up about this whole thing... But then they remember why they care so much about the original. The first movie is so dear to their hearts because it's what inspired Shay and Gizelle to become romantically involved with each other in the first place. But why let a shitty sequel ruin their mood? Reaching a new level of understanding, Shay and Gizelle decide to honor their beginnings with some playful and energetic lesbian sex.
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