No Time To Ourselves

Rachael Cavalli, Aria Banks
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Aria Banks enjoys spending quality time with her stepmom, Rachael Cavalli, especially when it comes to watching their favorite show together. That day, she excitedly hurries to her stepmom's room to let her know the latest episode is on but is shocked to find Rachael relaxing with her hand down her panties! Rachael is embarrassed to be caught since Aria is so curious about what exactly she's doing. When Rachael admits to having been masturbating, Aria is confused as to why Rachael's husband isn't taking care of that for her. That's when Rachael explains that their busy schedules mean that they never have enough time for each other, so Rachael sometimes has to take care of herself. Aria, truly trying to be helpful, offers to help take care of Rachael. Rachael is stunned by the offer but since her sweet stepdaughter genuinely seems concerned for her wellbeing, she gives in. Even if Rachael can't seem to connect with her husband these days, she ALWAYS manages to make time for Aria!
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