Making Your Own Magic

Reagan Foxx, Maya Woulfe, Alexis Tae
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Alexis Tae has come over to visit her best friend, Maya Woulfe, who excitedly shows her a book on spellcasting she found in the attic. Maya and Alexis flip through the book and decide to try some body-enhancement spells on each other. Maya wants to make her ass bouncier, while Alexis wants to have bigger boobs. They strip naked in order to see the effects faster, secretly checking each other out as they do. Maya casts a spell on Alexis' boobs, after which they playfully examine them to see if it worked, half-believing and half-make believing what they are doing. Alexis returns the favor and casts a spell on Maya's butt, after which they continue examining each other's bodies to see if it worked. But then Maya's stepmom, Reagan Foxx, enters the bedroom to find Alexis and Maya groping each other naked. She's surprised, but when she sees the open spellbook she understands exactly what's going on. Reagan reveals the spellbook belongs to her. Reagan explains that she used to play around with the spellbook in college, and tells the girls that they can do whatever they want with their bodies without fear of shame, but she thinks they are both perfect the way they are. Reagan also says that even though magic isn't real, the things they can learn as they go through these 'spellcasting' rituals ARE. For some people, it's just a way to connect with something different and expand one's mind a bit. Maya and Alexis are a bit disappointed that magic isn't real, revealing that they wanted to cast 'love spells' on each other. Reagan points out that since they've just admitted their feelings for each other, they don't NEED any spells. After all, 'real magic' can be created by sex and intimacy. Reagan starts guiding the girls on kissing and lovemaking, and eventually joins in to make it a truly magical threesome!
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