I'm Sure She'll LOVE You

Kenzie Taylor, Laney Grey, Natalia Nix
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Laney Grey and Natalia Nix are girlfriends, and their relationship seems to be going well... except that Laney still hasn't introduced Natalia to her stepmom, Kenzie Taylor. Natalia is a bit hurt, asking if Laney thinks that she's not good enough to meet her stepmom. Laney is shocked and guilt-ridden. Although she's elusive about why she hadn't yet introduced Natalia to Kenzie, she finally agrees that they can all have dinner together. Natalia is delighted. When Laney and Natalia arrive at Kenzie's house, Kenzie says that she's VERY happy to meet Natalia, and the three of them sit down at the table to wait while dinner cooks in the oven. While waiting, Kenzie and Natalia talk, getting to know each other better. During the conversation, Kenzie finds ways to get flirty with Natalia, such as touching her hair and 'accidentally' spilling water onto her so she'll have to press a towel against Natalia's lap. To continue the flirting, Kenzie drops a fork onto the floor, and goes under the table to pick it up. While under the table, she sensually runs a hand along Natalia's leg. Natalia is shocked, and asks what's going on. Laney, defeated, finally reveals that THIS is why she delayed introducing Natalia to Kenzie. It's because Kenzie has a habit of seducing and having sex with Laney's girlfriends! Natalia is stunned, though turned on now that it's all out in the open. Kenzie clarifies that she thinks Laney and Natalia are such a cute couple that she wants them BOTH. To Laney's surprise and relief, Natalia is totally into the idea, so they all agree to go for it! They clear the dishes off the table so they can have Natalia as the opening course instead, happily eating out her pussy and caressing her breasts. Then everyone gets undressed for even more fun, including kissing, pussy licking, and rimming. It looks like Laney and Kenzie agree that Natalia is a keeper!
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