Ignoring ALL Distractions

Lexi Lore, Pristine Edge
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Lexi Lore is working on her homework when her meddling and lustful stepmom, Pristine Edge, enters. Pristine insists on having their SPECIAL quality time, but despite how good that sounds, Lexi is determined to finish her homework first. Pristine is equally determined to get her special quality time, but Lexi isn't giving in. Lexi says she isn't going to take any breaks, and tells Pristine to do WHATEVER she wants until Lexi's homework is done. Pristine becomes mischievous. Pristine starts coming onto Lexi, making it obvious that their special quality time is sexual. Lexi tries to ignore Pristine so that she can keep doing her homework. Still not giving up, Pristine starts doing various sex acts on Lexi to distract her from her homework. Lexi is obviously tempted, but somehow manages to continue working. Eventually, Lexi FINALLY finishes her homework, and says she's ready to have sex. Pristine is delighted. Now their special quality time can REALLY get going!
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