Hump In The Night

Kenzie Taylor, Lily Larimar
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After moving into a creepy new house with her stepmom (Kenzie Taylor), Lily Larimar hasn't been able to get a wink of shut-eye since the house is SO CREEPY. Kenzie tries to console her at times, but Lily insists she's fine. She'll grow out of this! She's a big girl now, right? But comforting her stepdaughter isn't the ONLY reason Kenzie wants to give Lily some comfort- she's actually got a mega crush on her! Kenzie puts a plan in motion to seduce Lily. She invites her stepdaughter to watch a movie that evening, promising her they'll find something NOT scary to watch. But Kenzie ends up tricking Lily into watching a horror movie by choosing a movie that looks unsuspecting. She's hoping that Lily will get so scared that she'll have no choice but to leap into her stepmom's arms. Though Lily does end up getting scared, the plan backfires, with Lily going off to her room. But Kenzie has one more trick up her sleeve. She starts making creepy noises through the walls of Lily's bedroom, which creeps Lily out so much that she ends up calling Kenzie into her bed. Kenzie is happy to oblige, and Lily has no idea that Kenzie was actually the reason for all the jump scares. They cuddle in bed, though Lily still can't calm down enough to get some rest. Well... Kenzie does have ONE idea that might help Lily relax. A little 'hump' in the night might be just what the doctor ordered!
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