Help Me Understand

Hazel Moore, Jupiter Jetson
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Hazel Moore is approached by her stepmom, Jupiter Jetson. It turns out that Jupiter couldn't find the cookbooks she wanted at the mall, so her friend told her that it's possible to order books online. But Jupiter isn't good with computers, so she doesn't know how to do that. She asks Hazel to help her understand how online ordering works. Hazel happily agrees to teach her. Hazel uses her laptop to pull up her favorite website for buying books, and walks Jupiter through the ordering process. Jupiter is impressed with the wide variety of cookbooks that are available online. However, when Hazel tries to show Jupiter how to complete the purchase, the site asks Hazel if she still wants to order the book she left in her cart last time. To Jupiter's shock, the book is called, 'How To Come Out As A Lesbian To Your Stepmother'! Hazel confesses that she's a lesbian, but didn't know how to tell Jupiter about it. Jupiter feels guilty, saying that she must not have done a good enough job as a parent if Hazel didn't feel comfortable telling her. Hazel says it's not that, it's just that she didn't think Jupiter would understand because she's straight. Wanting to be supportive, Jupiter asks Hazel to help her understand. She may not know much about computers, but what she DOES know is that she loves Hazel and wants to be here for her. Hazel is touched, but doesn't know how to show Jupiter what it's like to be a lesbian other than... actually doing lesbian stuff. Jupiter is totally on board with the idea. They kiss and get undressed, so Hazel can teach her what lovemaking is like between two women...
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