He Would've Been Proud Of Us

Kenzie Taylor, River Lynn
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Kenzie Taylor is concerned about her stepdaughter, River Lynn. Ever since a death in the family, River has been drowning herself in school work and activities. Kenzie knows it's because River's in mourning and doesn't want to face her feelings, but Kenzie is worried that it isn't healthy for her. Finally, Kenzie sits down with River to talk it all out. Kenzie expresses that although the bond between her and River hasn't always been the greatest, she IS Kenzie's stepmom. Kenzie only wants the best for River and for her to be happy... and she knows ONE fun way to express herself and get over grief... Kenzie then slides her hand up along River's leg in a flirty fashion. River is stunned, unable to believe that Kenzie thinks that having SEX together will make things better. But the more Kenzie butters her up, the more tempted River is. Finally, after some convincing, River's willing to give it a try. Maybe this really IS just what River needs to finally let go?
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