Harsh Reminders

Freya Parker, Shay Sights
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Shay Sights checks on her stepdaughter, Freya Parker, who is feeling down because she was recently dumped by her girlfriend, Sara. Shay listens sympathetically as Freya says that the breakup has her so upset that she kept messing up at dance practice, so now her feet are sore. Seeing an opportunity to help, Shay tries to comfort Freya by offering to give her a foot rub. But Freya gets even sadder and turns down the offer, because Sara used to give her foot rubs. Still wanting to help, Shay tries to cheer up Freya by showing her a cute pet video. But this also backfires, because it reminds Freya that she and Sara had been talking about getting a pet together. Trying another idea, Shay offers to cook Freya's favorite meal, lasagna. But Freya says that Sara actually made lasagna for their breakup, in an attempt to soften the blow. Shay is at a loss, but then decides that maybe she just needs to keep it simple, and offers Freya a hug. Freya accepts, so Shay lovingly puts her arms around Freya and cradles her in her bosom. Eventually, Freya starts to feel a bit better, and wants to go further in order to forget her misery. Shay is surprised but wants to help her darling girl, so she agrees to have sex to help cheer up Freya.
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