H-Hey, Th-That Tickles...!

Eliza Ibarra, Lexi Luna
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It's a sunny Saturday morning and Lexi Luna's stepdaughter Eliza Ibarra isn't even up yet! Lexi decides to go to her room and get her up and at it. Rise and shine, Eliza! But Eliza doesn't want to get out of bed, and why would she? It's the weekend, after all. But Lexi won't take no for an answer, and she knows JUST the way to get Eliza out of those pesky bedsheets... a good ol' fashioned TICKLE! Lexi starts to tickle Eliza, causing Eliza's toes to curl and her shirt to ride up and reveal her sexy midriff. But Lexi's tickling has ANOTHER unexpected effect on Eliza, which becomes strikingly obvious when Lexi notices her stepdaughter's drenched panties. Lexi tickled Eliza so much that it caused her to SQUIRT! Eliza is a bit embarrassed. This has never happened to her before... is she alright? But Lexi is quick to comfort her, explaining that squirting is a perfectly natural and healthy thing to have happen. If Eliza wants, Lexi can teach her a thing or two about squirting so that she feels more in control of it in the future. Would Eliza like that? Eliza nods eagerly, welcoming her stepmom into her bed for some energetic and educational squirt-fueled sex!
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