Feminist Studies

Madi Collins, Sonia Harcourt
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Sonia Harcourt is delighted because her stepdaughter, Madi Collins, has returned home for a visit after her first semester at college. Madi talks about how interesting college life is, and how it's a whole different world from what she's used to. In fact... she has some questions. Sonia encourages her to go ahead and ask, so Madi says that her college roommate has a girlfriend. The roommate and the girlfriend are both very nice people, but Madi is confused about how their relationship works, because the only sex she's heard of involves girls with guys. Sonia sweetly and patiently explains to Madi that love is love, and there are plenty of ways women can experience sexual pleasure with other women. As Sonia describes some lesbian sex acts, Madi says that she's starting to understand, but she's still a bit unclear on how some of those things work. Sonia offers to show her, so she'll be prepared for her next semester of college. Madi happily accepts. The demonstration begins with Sonia kissing Madi, and Madi is impressed with how kissing a girl feels softer than kissing a guy. Sonia then partially undresses Madi and licks her nipples, and invites Madi to try licking hers next. Madi is a quick learner, and licks Sonia's nipples well enough to earn her praise. But Sonia knows that things get even more fun once pussies are involved, so they both get fully undressed for some more intensive lessons. Madi is DEFINITELY going to be fully prepared when she returns to college!
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