Eat My Muffin Part 1

Scarlet Red, Tanya Tate
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Cooking and baking are two things that only women can do properly, right? Today is a good day because Tanya Tate took day off just to prepare some delicious blueberry muffins. It was supposed to be done with help of her step daughter Bailey Bae, but’s she late. Lucikly for Tanya, Bailey’s friend Scarlett could come earlier. Baking was not a thing that Tanya was interested in, though. She started asking about her step daugher and her adventures with boys. Scarlett said a couple of words too much and it was out. Bailey can’t make her boy cum! Tanya decided that muffins can wait and she started to pass the knowledge on Scarlett. All the blowjob art secrets were fun to practice, but the lesson quickly became a steamy lesbian session between experienced Tanya and newbie Scarlett!
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