Don't Lift A Finger!

Jessica Ryan, Percy Sires
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Jessica Ryan is resting in bed when she is greeted by her loving stepdaughter, Percy Sires. It is Jessica's birthday and Percy wants it to be special! In fact, she's going to do everything for Jessica that Jessica does for her, including all the cooking and cleaning. She doesn't want her dear stepmom to lift a finger! Jessica is touched and open to it. Percy excuses herself to get changed to do the chores and when she returns wearing a skimpy maid's uniform, Jessica's jaw drops. Although it's an honest mistake on Percy's part, Jessica is unable to tell her how inappropriate the outfit is... because Jessica is instantly turned on by it! Instead, Jessica, after becoming too flustered, flees the room. But each time she leaves, Percy comes around to do the chores. Every time Percy innocently bends over and accidentally shows her sexy form off, Jessica's urges become stronger and stronger. It finally gets to the point that Jessica tells Percy to take off the outfit since it's turning her on! But instead of being deterred, Percy is surprised. Now that the secret's out, she DOES take the outfit off... but in a much more sultry way. After all, Percy wants to do everything she can to make Jessica's special day extra special!
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