Dang, You Clean Up Good!

Serene Siren, Gizelle Blanco
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Syren De Mer is getting dressed for work while talking to her stepdaughter, Madi Collins, who is nearby but can't see Syren's outfit yet. As they chat while Syren slips into thigh-high stockings, it's revealed that Syren was a stay-at-home stepmom and is finally rejoining the workforce now that Madi is older. Syren finishes getting dressed, and shows Madi her outfit. Madi is stunned as she takes in the iridescent blouse, short black skirt, and white thigh-high stockings that really show off Syren's long legs. It's Madi's first time seeing Syren in figure-flattering attire, and it stirs something new deep down inside. Madi gushes about how unbelievably hot Syren looks while Syren is flattered but not sure what the fuss is about -- she's just wearing different clothes. But the more Madi gushes, the more she starts to slip up, causing Syren to realize that Madi has a crush on her. Although Syren is stunned at first, Madi's attraction gives her an unexpected boost of confidence. That's when Syren suggests that they have a bit of fun before work!
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