Closet Confessions

Dee Williams, Laney Grey, Skye Blue
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Two teen best friends, Laney Grey and Skye Blue, are hanging out in Laney's room. Laney's stepmom, Dee Williams, checks in on them, reminding Laney that she needs to clean out the closet in the guestroom. Dee has been after her for WEEKS to get the chore done. It doesn't matter if Skye is over or not, if Laney doesn't get the closet done TODAY, she's GROUNDED. As soon as Dee leaves, Laney tries to ignore the chore but Skye convinces her to clean up. Skye doesn't want her friend to be grounded. Besides, with both of them working together, they'll be done with the chore in no time! Laney and Skye begin cleaning and discover an old diary, and realize that it belongs to Dee. After some debate, they start reading from it, thinking it'll be harmless fun. But as they read through the diary, they come across a very personal passage with Dee questioning her feelings toward a girl but being too afraid to explore it. Laney and Skye are shocked and moved, deciding to go and talk to Dee. When they bring her the diary and admit to having read from it, Dee is a bit upset at first about being so reckless with where she left her diary. But when they reveal that they've learned about Dee's crush, Dee is shocked. Slowly and surely, Dee opens up to Laney and Skye, admitting that she wasn't encouraged to be out like the girls are today. She could never act on her feelings and even now, she's too afraid to. But once Laney and Skye team up and sweetly offer to give Dee all the experience she's been missing out on, the wall that Dee has put up all her life finally crumbles.
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