Alternative Families

Chloe Temple, Nikki Benz, Reese Robbins
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Nikki Benz walks into her living room to find her stepdaughter, Chloe Temple, chatting on the couch with her classmate, Reese Robbins. Nikki sends an annoyed glance at Chloe, reminding her that she can't have ANY friends over until she finished ALL her schoolwork. Chloe explains that, in fact, they ARE doing schoolwork right now. It turns out that Chloe and Reese have been paired up to do a school project on 'family'. They have to imagine that they are parents and explore what it's like to take care of a young one! Thing is, they're both GIRLS... How can two girls be parents? Nikki is taken aback, assuring the girls that OF COURSE two women can be parents. She sits between them and explains how what their school is doing is very responsible. They're learning about alternative families, and it's a very important topic in this day and age. Nikki explains that a lesbian couple can have a baby through a donor, IVF, or countless other ways. You don't always need a man and a woman to have a healthy and vibrant family- two women can do it just fine! Chloe and Reese listen closely and are intrigued by the idea of being a lesbian. They ask Nikki to give them more details about what it's like being one, but Nikki feels a bit hesitant. She's Chloe's stepmom, after all, and wouldn't want to cross a line. Maybe the teaching should stay with the teachers... especially when it comes to a sensitive topic like lesbianism. But Chloe reminds Nikki that in essence she and her ARE an alternative family since they're not really related. And plus, they could sure use a trusted role model like her to show them the ropes. After some convincing arguments from Chloe and Reese, Nikki agrees that they deserve to know as much as they want about being in a lesbian relationship. Soon enough, this lesson turns into a hands-on course as they put theory into practice with a sizzling, playful threesome.
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