A Jaunt With The Step-Aunts

Jill Kassidy, Rachael Cavalli, Bunny Madison, Codi Vore
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Rachael Cavalli is hosting her stepsister Codi Vore and Codi's wife, Bunny Madison for the weekend, and she's thrilled to see them. She'll certainly have her hands full but, luckily for her, Rachael has her stepdaughter Jill Kassidy to help keep Codi and Bunny entertained. It's been so long since Jill's seen her step-aunts, Codi and Bunny, so Rachael's thrilled for them to spend time together. But when Codi and Bunny arrive, it's clear that they're dazzled by how much their darling step-niece has grown... And when Rachael leaves the three of them in the living room while she gets to work in the kitchen, Codi and Bunny immediately start making moves on Jill. It isn't long before Jill falls for her step-aunts' masterful seduction techniques and agrees to have sex with them right then and there. But when Rachael comes back in and discovers Codi and Bunny fucking her stepdaughter, she can hardly believe her eyes. How COULD they? This is so... WRONG! With a little convincing from Codi, Bunny, and Jill, however... Rachael finally decides to join Jill for a sexy jaunt with the step-aunts!
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