A Family That's Stuck Together, Stays Together

Athena Faris, Rachael Cavalli, Kylie Rocket, Jamie Michelle
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Rachael Cavalli lost her ring somewhere between the couch cushions, and asks her stepdaughter Athena Faris to help her find it. As they poke amongst the nooks and crannies of the couch, Rachael's hand gets stuck. When Athena tries to assist Rachael, she gets her own hand caught too, so now they're BOTH stuck while bent over on the couch, as their panties are peeking out from under their short skirts! Uh-oh, now what? Luckily, Rachael can reach her cellphone, but they don't want to call the fire department for help because this situation is WAY too embarrassing. They decide to call their neighbors, Jamie Michelle and her stepdaughter Kylie Rocket, instead. When Jamie and Kylie arrive, they notice the enticing position that Rachael and Athena are stuck in. Jamie reveals that she and Kylie are secretly lovers, and they were having sex when they got interrupted by Rachael's call for help. Sooooo... Jamie and Kylie would be happy to help Rachael and Athena, but it sure would be nice to get some sexy fun in the process. Rachael and Athena are surprised, especially since neither of them have had lesbian sex before, but they agree that it's better than being stuck. Jamie and Kylie enjoy Rachael and Athena's pussies from their convenient stuck positions, and then finally free the stuck pair so they can have a sexy foursome!
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