A Couple Of Bad Apples

Sarah Vandella, Lily Larimar, Emma Starletto
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Step-sisters Emma Starletto and Lily Larimar both look bored as they sit in an empty classroom. They don't have any work on their desks and their backpacks are on the floor. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Emma and Lily are surprised when their step-mother Sarah Vandella pokes her head in. Sarah steps inside, looking stern. Shocked that they are unsupervised, Sarah is furious about the school's lack of structure and discipline and decides to punish the girls herself. The girls warily eye Sarah as she announces that she's going to spank them as punishment. They are shocked and protest, talking over each other, but Sarah silently holds a hand up, and they immediately shut up. She then tells them each to bend over a desk, giving them both a stern look. Sarah raises their skirts, spanking their supple asses as they gasp with pleasure. It's safe to say that this isn't the kind of punishment these bad apples expected - not that they're complaining!!
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